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GSE Public Use Data Base Types of Available Information Single-Family Loan-Level Files

Census Tract File
National File A
National File B
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
State Percent Minority Percent Minority
Metropolitan Area Tract Income Ratio Tract Income Ratio
County Borrower Income Ratio Borrower Income Ratio
Census Tract location LTV at Origination (in ranges) Seasoning
Central City Indicators* Federal Guarantee (type) Purchase/Refinancing/Second
Percent Minority Race Federal Guarantee (type)
Census Tract Median Income Gender Race
Local Area Median Income Number of Units Gender
Tract Income Ratio Affordability** Affordability**
Borrower's Annual Income Geographically Targeted?*** Type of Seller Institution
Area Median Family Income
Owner-Occupied Unit, Owner-Occupied Rental Unit, Investment Rental Unit
Borrower Income Ratio
Number of Units
Unpaid Principal Balance at Acquisition
Owner Occupied Unit?
Number of Borrowers
Geographically Targeted?***
First Time Homebuyer?

Borrower/Co-Borrower Race

Borrower/Co-Borrower Gender

Borrower/Co-Borrower Age

Geographically Targeted?***

* Included only on 1993-1995 data files.

**The Affordability element is defined by low-income borrowers in low-income areas, very-low-income borrowers in low-income areas, and very-low-income borrowers not in low-income areas.

***The Geographically-Targeted indicator will be included on 1996 and future data files.

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