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Enterprise Geographic Information System - eGIS Storefront


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Launched in July 2015, the HUD eGIS Storefront is a self-service resource for accessing HUD's geospatial datasets, application programming interfaces (APIs), web-based mapping tools, and other eGIS initiatives. It provides internal and external customers with one-stop shopping for agency-wide geospatial data resources and GIS mapping tools by coordinating and centralizing geospatial data, applications, and documentation previously scattered on HUD User, HUD's eGIS Portal, and various SharePoint sites. There are currently 96 geospatial data sets hosted on the site, which represent core mission data valuable to researchers, grantees, and other stakeholders. The site also provides links to application tools, data dictionaries, and code examples to facilitate user navigation of APIs to incorporate HUD geospatial data directly into their own applications.

Note: The status of this project is ongoing.


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