Fair Market Rent Documentation System

2005 FMR Summary for Sacramento County, California

This sytem provides complete documentation of the development of the 2005 Fair Market Rents (FMRs) for Sacramento County, California. This page provides a summary of how the 2005 FMRs were developed and updated starting with the 2000 Census benchmark and including any subsequent rebenchmarking using local Random Digit Dialing (RDD) or American Housing Survey (AHS) data. Click on links in the tables below to see more detail on how the data were developed.

The 2001 through 2004 rents shown are interim rents designed to show how new data are incorporated into the FMR system to update FMRs from the 2000 Census benchmark. They differ from published final FMRs because they are what the rents would have been if calculated using the best data available in 2004, including 2000 Census benchmark rents and survey data for the indicated year.

Sacramento County is in the Sacramento, CA PMSA, so all information presented here applies to all of the Sacramento, CA PMSA.

2005 FMR Development Summary for Sacramento County, California
Data Year Update Method Rent Change from 
 Previous Rent
Data Source
Census 2000 Base Rent - $708 - -
2001 Regional Update $729 3.0% Pacific Regional Metro RDD
2002 Regional Update $773 6.0% Pacific Regional Metro RDD
2003 Local RDD Rebenchmark $918 18.8% Sacramento, CA PMSA Metro RDD
2004 Regional Update $943 2.7% Pacific Regional Metro RDD
FY 2005 Final National Annual Rent Trend 1990 to 2000*
(Area RDD survey performed
but not used.)
$971 3.0% National Annual Rent Trend 1990 to 2000*
(Area RDD survey performed
but not used.)
 FY 2005 Revised Final  No Change $971 0.0% No Change

* A national trend factor, currently the 10th root of the change from the 1990 Decennial Census national median gross rent ($447) to the 2000 Decennial Census national median gross rent ($602) or [($602/$447)(1/10) - 1] = [(1.347)(1/10) - 1] = [1.030 - 1] = 3.0 percent, is used to update rents from the last point in time for which there are survey data for a particular fiscal year's FMRs (in the case of FY 2004 FMRs, April 2004) to the point in time for which the rents are effective (in the case of FY 2005 FMRs, April 2005).

The following table shows the 2005 FMRs by unit bedrooms. The 2000 Census Base Rents for units with different numbers of bedrooms are computed from Census data subject to constraints related to the Two-Bedroom 2000 Census Base Rent and other factors. The 2000 Census base bedroom rents are then updated using the 2-Bedroom FMR update factors displayed above. Click on the links in the table to see how the bedroom rents were derived.

FY 2005 FMRs By Unit Bedrooms
  Efficiencies One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four-Bedroom
FY 2005 FMR $707 $812 $971 $1,403 $1,639
FY 2005 Revised FMR $707 $812 $971 $1,403 $1,639




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