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Research Maps (R-MAPS):
Volume 3: Selected PD&R Data Sets with LandView®
February 2001

ORDER Research Maps (R-MAPS), a Policy Development and Research (PD&R) initiative, initiates a new series of HUD products designed to democratize housing and urban data, making the data more widely accessible and useful to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The geographically coded data -readable through LandView® which is included on this CD ROM-will enable you to apply the powerful tools of spatial analysis to a wide variety of housing and urban issues in your locality and elsewhere throughout the United States.

Volume 3: Selected PD&R Data Sets with LandView® contains data sets for American Housing Survey, Enterprise Zone/Empowerment Community, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, Government Sponsored Enterprises, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, New Market Initiatives, Picture of Subsidized Households in 1998 and State of the Cities. We hope you find this volume useful in your work.


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