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help for the homeless in Detroit

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priscilla wallace
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help for the homeless in Detroit

I just wanted to make Dr. Ben Carson aware of someone who is doing a great job of helping the Homeless in his hometown of Detroit. There is a group " Everybody Matters/Detroit", that is led by a man named Jeremiah. He has been driving the streets of Detroit every evening for almost 5 years and providing food, blankets, gloves, hand warmers, water, and encouragement to the homeless to help them make it thru the night to the next day. He posts live on Facebook each evening in order that the followers; who are the only source of funding for this work can see where their dollars are going, and to also bring awareness of the homeless population in Detroit. I have only been following him and the rest of the group that works with him a few months but have been deeply touched by his compassion for these people and the love and appreciation that many of the homeless have for him. Jeremiah will be addressing a group of nurses and physicians in the detroit area later this week regarding what he does. He has a day job as a handy man. Next week he will be living on the Streets of Detroit as other Homeless people do and posting live video on Facebook to draw attention to the problem. I would love for Dr. Carson to be made aware of this group and even follow some of the video that has been posted on their evening deliveries. There are followers each evening on Facebook from across the country, the UK and Australia. Jeremiah deserves some encouragement, a pat on the back for his dedication, and a Thank you for caring.

Please make Dr. Carson aware of the above information

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