U.S. Housing Market Conditions
February 1999



U.S. Housing Market Conditions is published quarterly by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research.
Andrew Cuomo Secretary
Xavier de Souza Briggs Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research, Evaluation, and Monitoring
Frederick J. Eggers Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs
Harold L. Bunce Associate Deputy Assistant for Economic Affairs
Ronald J. Sepanik Director, Housing and Demographic Analysis Division
David E. Shenk Director, Economic and Market Analysis Division
Katherine L. O'Leary Director, Research Utilization Division
Bruce D. Atkinson Economist
Alan Fox Economist
Paul B. Manchester Economist
Sue George Neal Economist
Randall M. Scheessele Economist
Edward J. Szymanoski Economist
David A. Vandenbroucke Economist
Vanessa D. Void-Taylor Research Utilization Specialist
Robert A. Knight Social Science Analyst
Robert R. Callis Bureau of the Census

HUD Field Office Economists who contributed to this issue are:
New England: Wendy J. Lucas Boston
Hartford, CT: Michael W. Lackett
New York/New Jersey: David S. Burns New York
Elmira-Corning, NY: William Coyner
Mid-Atlantic: Bruce D. Atkinson Washington
Philadelphia, PA-NJ: Jan L. Vagassky
Southeast: Bette L. Almand Atlanta
Biloxi-Gulfport-Pascagoula, MS: Charles P. Hugghins
Midwest: Joseph P. McDonnell Chicago
Detroit-Ann Arbor, MI: Thomas W. Miesse
Southwest: Linda L. Hanratty Fort Worth
New Orleans, LA: Nancy S. Chung
New Orleans
Great Plains: Edward M. Sheehan St. Louis
Des Moines, IA: James P. Laakso
Rocky Mountain: James A. Coil Denver
Sioux Falls, SD: George H. Antoine
Pacific: Robert E. Jolda San Francisco
Honolulu, HI: Lall B. Ramrattan
San Francisco
Northwest: Sarah E. Bland Seattle
Seattle-Everett-Bellevue, WA: Pamela R. Sharpe

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