Urban Research Monitor
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New Research (continued)

Multiobjective Urban Planning Using Genetic Algorithm
Balling, Richard J., John T. Taber, Michael R. Brown, and Kirsten Day. Journal of Urban Planning and Development 125, 2 (June 1999): 86-99.

Community Organizations Recruiting Community Participation: Predicaments in Planning
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Development Impact Fees and the Acquisition of Infrastructure
Clarke, Wes, and Jennifer Evans. Journal of Urban Affairs 21, 3 (1999): 281-288.

Changing Patterns of Urban Public Space
Cybriwsky, Roman. Cities 16, 4 (1999): 223-231.

Moving Beyond Gridlock: Traffic and Development
Dunphy, Robert T. Washington, DC: Urban Land Institute, 1999.

The Future of the Underground Space
Durmisevic, Sanja. Cities 16, 4 (1999): 233-245.

Marginal Spaces in the Urban Landscape: Regulated Margins or Incidental Open Spaces?
Garde, Ajay M. Journal of Planning Education and Research 18, 3 (1999): 200-210.

Land Use Regulation and the Price of Housing in a Suburban Wisconsin County
Green, Richard K. Journal of Housing Economics 8, 2 (1999): 144-159.

Framing and Reframing in Land Use Change Conflicts
Kaufman, Sanda, and Janet Smith. Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 16, 2 (1999): 164-180.

Willingness to Pay for Urban Greenway Projects
Lindsey, Greg, and Gerrit Knaap. Journal of the American Planning Association 65, 3 (1999): 297-313

The Planning Profession and Pedestrian Safety: Lessons from Orlando
Miles-Doan, Rebecca, and Gregory Thompson. Journal of Planning Education and Research 18, 3 (1999): 211-220.

Taking Our Bearings: Mapping a Relationship Among Planning Practice, Theory, and Education
Ozawa, Connie P., and Ethan P. Seltzer. Journal of Planning Education and Research 18, 2 (1999): 257-266.

Solving Sprawl
Pope, Carl. Sierra Club, 1999.

The "Unique Circumstances" Rule in Zoning Variances-An Aid in Achieving Greater Prudence and Less Leniency
Reynolds, Osborne M. Urban Lawyer 31, 1 (1999): 127-149.

"Takings" Bills Threaten People, Property, Zoning, and the Environment
Sugameli, Glenn P. Urban Lawyer 31, 2 (1999): 177-195.


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