Urban Research Monitor HUD
May/June 2000 Vol. 5 · Issue 2
The Urban Research Monitor is a publication of HUD USER, the information service sponsored by the Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Monitor cites recent acquisitions to HUD USER's bibliographic database, which contains information on more than 8,000 reports, articles, books, and case studies from both public and private sources on topics related to housing and community development. HUD USER also publishes Recent Research Results and Field works. HUD USER publications and its Bibliographic Database can be accessed directly via the Internet:

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Looking Into the Future: How the Aging of America Will Impact Senior Housing

Housing America's Seniors
Robert Schafer, et al.
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University, 2000

Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture: Advances in Assisted Living
Benyamin Schwarz and Ruth Brent, eds.
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999

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