Historical Data


Table 17. FHA Unassisted Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Activity: 1980-Present*

Table 17
*Mortgage insurance written-Initial endorsements. Mortgage amounts are in millions of dollars.
1Includes both new construction and substantial rehabilitation under Sections 207, 220, and 221(d).
2Includes purchase or refinance of existing rental housing under Section 223.
3Includes congregate rental housing for the elderly under Section 231, and nursing homes, board and care homes, assisted-living facilities, and intermediate-care facilities under Section 232. Includes both new construction or substantial rehabilitation, and purchase or refinance of existing projects. Number of units shown includes beds and housing units.
Source: Office of Housing-FHA Comptroller, Department of Housing and Urban Development


Table 18. Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures Started: 1986-Present*

Table 18
*All data are seasonally adjusted.
Source: National Delinquency Survey, Mortgage Bankers Association


Table 19. Expenditures for Existing Residential Properties: 1968-Present

Table 19
1Maintenance and repairs are incidental costs that keep a property in ordinary working condition.
2Additions and alterations to property outside the structure include walks, driveways, walls, fences, pools, garages, sheds, etc.
3Additions refer to actual enlargements of the structure.
4Alterations refer to changes or improvements made within or on the structure.
5Major replacements are relatively expensive and are not considered repairs and include furnaces, boilers, roof replacement, central air conditioning, etc.
Source: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce


Table 20. Value of New Construction Put in Place, Private Residential Buildings: 1974-Present

Table 20
Source: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce

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