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Rethinking American Communities

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To achieve its mission, HUD must connect Americans in need with resources that will allow them to live safe and financially secure lives. Unfortunately, many families have limited affordable options without government assistance and have difficulty connecting to meaningful opportunities to increase their economic standing. We need a new approach to ensure families are connected to services in their communities that put them on a path to self-sufficiency.

HUD User's case studies and regulatory solutions are resources that communities can use to promote healthy, safe, affordable housing and improve connections to services that enhance economic opportunities for families.

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Gresham, Oregon: Resident-Directed Supportive Services and Accessible Housing for the Severely Disabled and Seniors at Station 162 Apartments

After being injured in a diving accident resulting in quadriplegia in 1975, appliance repairman Bud Myers discovered a serious lack of supportive services and affordable housing options in the Portland, Oregon area.
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Portland, Maine: 409 Cumberland Avenue Apartments Add Affordable Housing and Promote Sustainable Food and Healthy Living

In recent years, Portland, Maine, has prioritized filling an affordable housing gap for moderate- and low-income residents who struggle with the city’s rising rents and limited supply of affordable units.
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Newark, New Jersey: Renovating a Historic Landmark for Revitalizing Downtown

What was once a good location for a department store in downtown Newark, New Jersey, is now an opportune site for a mixed-income, mixed-use development.
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The Kresge Foundation Works to Reinvigorate the Housing Market through Detroit Home Mortgage

Since its founding in 1924, the Kresge Foundation has made a special effort to advance the quality of life of the residents of its home city of Detroit.
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Neighborhoods for All: Expanding Housing Opportunity in Seattle's Single-Family Zones

This report analyzes single-family zoning in Seattle and its implications for access to housing.
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Closing the Divide: Creating Equitable, Inclusive, and Affordable Communities

This report summarizes policy discussions of 28 organizations from New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County that met for over a year.
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Promoting Inclusive Communities: How Cities Can Utilize Local Housing Policy to Combat Economic Segregation

This report describes housing policies that local governments have adopted to reverse growing neighborhood income inequality and the policies' effectiveness.
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Housing Charlotte: A Framework for Building and Expanding Access to Opportunity through Housing Investments

This planning document sets out strategies for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, to increase rental and homeownership options for low-income households, to preserve and improve affordable rental housing, and to support family self-sufficiency through mixed-income housing with access to jobs, high-quality schools, and other opportunities.
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