SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Macon. GA
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | St Louis, MO
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Rocky Mount, NC
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Flint, MI
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Rockford, IL
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Gary, IN
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Brownsville, TX
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   SC2 Second Cohort of Cities

As part of the President’s priority to strengthen the middle class, create jobs, and build ladders of opportunity as communities regain their economic footing, SC2 named seven new locations in January 2014 to receive technical advice and expertise from federal inter-agency teams. SC2 teams are engaging in the following locations: St. Louis, MO; Gary, IN; Flint, MI; Brownsville, TX; Rockford, IL; Macon, GA; and Rocky Mount, NC. More>>

News from SC2 Second Cohort of Cities

   Accomplishments in First Cohort of SC2

   The SC2 Fellowship Program

The SC2 Fellowship Program provides distressed cities with talented and mission-driven professionals who work directly with mayors, local government agencies and community nonprofits to help restore American cities and create a pathway to economic growth. More>>

   Relevant Reports

With support from the United States Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Education, three reports produced by Abt Associates and Mount Auburn Associates highlighting outcomes and lessons from the first cohort of SC2 team deployments have now been released. More>>

What is SC2?
Fact Sheet

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative (SC2) supports President Obama's agenda to make historic investments to build ladders of opportunity for those working hard to make it to the middle class and to partner with communities that were hardest-hit by the recent recession. Learn More.

SC2 News and Updates
SC2 eNewsletter

In fall 2014, SC2 Executive Director Mark Linton gave an update on the initiative in an interview with The Edge. Learn More.
Obama Administration announces launch of the National Resource Network. Learn More

Featured Blog
Featured Blog

Obama Administration announces launch of the National Resource Network. Learn More.

National Resource Network
National Resource Network (fact sheet and additional background)

In May 2014, the Obama Administration launched the National Resource Network, which serves as a “311” resource for cities through which communities nationwide are able to connect to a network of private and public sector experts that provide local governments with strategic help on key economic issues and aid the turnaround of local economies. The Network provides cities with various forms of assistance, including on-the-ground expert engagements and expert advice through the “311” resource.

White House Council on SC2
Annual Report

On March 15, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities. Learn More.



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