Kings Beach Housing Now

Domus Development; YHLA Architects

Community-Informed Design

This award recognizes design that supports physical communities as they rebuild social structures and relationships that may have been weakened by outmigration, disinvestment, and the isolation of inner-city areas.

Kings Beach Housing Now: Kings Beach Housing Now is a sustainable, workforce housing project consisting of nine building on five sites in Lake Tahoe. The Kings Beach Housing Now development team worked to incorporate the community in every step of the development process. The development team began by forming partnerships with community advocates and nonprofits to sponsor the first Housing Needs Assessment in Kings Beach, helping to identify the community’s demand for affordable housing. The Housing Needs Assessment involved the analysis of a total of 335 surveys in both English and Spanish, which were collected at community events and local social services. The development team also held over 30 bilingual community meetings to inform the project’s planning and design. The resulting development provides 77 energy-efficient, affordable apartments, spread over five sites in Kings Beach (Brook, Chipmunk, Deer, Fox, and Trout), for low-income workers and families who previously lived in substandard converted motel rooms, cabins, and trailers. The sites replace dilapidated, inefficient housing with new, LEED Certified Silver apartments that reduce negative impacts on the environment while reusing infill land and preserving Tahoe’s beautiful open space.

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