The following summaries of housing market conditions and activities have been prepared by economists in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) field offices. The reports provide overviews of economic and housing market trends within each region of HUD management. The reports are based on information obtained by HUD economists from state and local governments, from housing industry sources, and from their ongoing investigations of housing market conditions carried out in support of HUD's programs.


Regional Narratives:


4th Quarter, 2012

3rd Quarter, 2012

2nd Quarter, 2012

1st Quarter, 2012



4th Quarter, 2011

3rd Quarter, 2011

2nd Quarter, 2011

1st Quarter, 2011



4th Quarter, 2010

3rd Quarter, 2010

2nd Quarter, 2010

1st Quarter, 2010



4th Quarter, 2009

3rd Quarter, 2009

2nd Quarter, 2009

1st Quarter, 2009