American Housing Survey 2009 New Orleans Data


In the wake of the storm…In 2004, New Orleans was part of the Metropolitan Surveys portion of the American Housing Survey (AHS) that now stands as a documentation of pre-Hurricane Katrina housing characteristics. In 2009, the AHS returned to New Orleans to document the state of the housing stock five years later (and four years after the hurricanes). Due to the unique and often severe hardships the area endured, the AHS instrument added special questions on the experiences of residents displaced by …reconstruction and renewal continues.the hurricanes, as well as on repair efforts following the disaster. The 2009 AHS New Orleans survey is both a picture of the area's much-changed housing stock and of the endurance and recovery of its people. In addition, HUD plans another housing survey in 2011 to further gauge progress in the restoration of the area's housing stock.

Presently, only the microdata files, intended for use by economists, statisticians, and other housing analysts, are available. Tabular reports accessible to a wider audience will be published in the Fall of 2010.


AHS 2009 Metro