FMR Documentation


Final FY 2006 Fair Market Rent Documentation System

This sytem provides complete documentation of the development of the final FY 2006 Fair Market Rents (FMRs) for any area of the country selected by the user. After selecting the desired geography, the user is provided a page containing a summary of how the final FY 2006 FMRs were developed and updated starting with the formation of the final FY 2006 FMR Areas from the metropolitan Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) as established by the Office of Management and Budget, the 2000 Census benchmark, incorporating information from Revised Final FY 2005 FMRs, and updating to FY 2006 including information from local Random Digit Dialing (RDD) survey data. The tables on the summary page include links to complete detail on how the data were developed. This system now includes changes in FY 2006 FMRs made by the February 14, 2006 final notice on 50th Percentile FMR status under the 50th Percentile FMR regulations (see:, the results of recent RDD surveys and special adjustments for New Orleans and Baton Rouge FMR areas announced March 6, 2006 (see:, as well as the results of re-evaluation of RDD survey results in Puerto Rico published June 2, 2006 (see: