Batch Geocoder

Batch Geocoder

Upload your input files with address information to HUD’s enterprise Geocoding Service Center (GSC) and receive back (via email) an updated excel file containing the original input data and a robust set of census and postal attributes (e.g., census block census tract, county, Congressional District, metropolitan area, ZIP+6, address deliverability, postal vacancy status, latitude and longitude, address and geocoding data quality.

Any data set that has address information can be geocoded to create new value-added information. This information can be combined with other data sets across HUD program areas or from other agencies.

Please note that all of HUD’s large administrative data have already gone through geocoding and these datasets can be accessed via the eGIS Storefront. We encourage you to use this service for your ad hoc needs to enhance consistency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and create new opportunities across HUD.

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Created: November 2, 2015

Updated: November 2, 2015

Categories: Geocode, Map