HUD Resource Locator

HUD Resource Locator

HUD Resource Locator puts you in touch with HUD field offices, affordable housing property management companies, and public housing authority representatives to answer your housing availability inquiries and general housing questions. The HUD Resource Locator is a mobile app and mobile website that includes information about commonly requested housing-related resources from HUD field and regional offices throughout the country; Location data and contact information for HUD Field and Regional Offices, Public Housing Authorities, Multifamily Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credit apartments, USDA Rural Housing, Homeless client referral contacts; Maps seamlessly linked via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and text messages; Uses GIS and Browser Location Detection to show local resources; Export search results to Excel; and generate a custom PDF resource guide. The HUD Resource Locator helps further expand and enhance traditional HUD customer service by offering HUD housing information at the fingertips of people looking to quickly connect with building managers, public housing authority representatives, and property management companies to inquire about housing availability and other housing-related questions. The HUD Resource Locator mobile app is available via Apple iTunes, Google Play Marketplace and through a web browser at

FPM’s Mission:

The Office of Field Policy and Management (FPM) provides direction and oversight for Regional Administrators and Field Office Directors. It communicates priorities and policies of the Secretary to these managers and ensures the effective pursuit of the Secretary's initiatives and special projects. It also communicates other management and administrative functions to the local field offices. In addition, the Office ensures that critical field program delivery issues are addressed and program impacts and customer service at the local level are assessed. The Office provides operational feedback designed to constructively influence program design and Departmental policy making.

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Created: April 18, 2014

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