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Working Guidelines For Community-University Partnerships

Submitted by Attica Scott
Program Coordinator for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

FY 1995 COPC Grantee and FY 1999 COPC New Directions Grantee

Adapted from a Wingspread meeting via Lucie White (October 1999)

These guidelines are designed to be adapted by each partnership to its own conditions and circumstances and to function as an approach for action, not as a rigid prescription.

  • A commitment to a shared vision, values, and goals. At the center of those goals is the creation of "sustainable democratic urban communities." To achieve that goal, the partnerships should develop and proceed through an ongoing democratic process and approach that emphasizes increasing the capacity and power of the local community and its members, helping to achieve genuine equality.

  • Partnerships should be based on respect between and among the partners, as well as a respect for and commitment to the partnership.

  • The partnership should be long-term, serious, and sustained, involving multiple sectors in deepening and broadening relationships.

  • Partnerships should be based on mutual and common benefit and the need for change and improvement of all partners.

  • Learning, research, and assessment of the partnership and its results should be ongoing.

  • Partnerships should be based on actions that involve concrete, real world successes that lead to achieving sustainable communities.

  • Partnerships should involve institutional structures that promote institutional change and ongoing innovation, as well as cooperation and collaboration among partners.