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HUD announces Colorado grant money for affordable housing (Denver Business Journal, CO)

Denver Business Journal
(4/9/2014 1:22 PM, Dennis Huspeni)

More than $10 million in grant money is headed to Colorado housing authorities to “make major large-scale improvements” to affordable housing complexes, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced.

“Housing authorities in Colorado count on this funding to maintain and improve their public housing for many families, especially the most vulnerable – our seniors,” said Rick Garcia, HUD’s Rocky Mountain regional administrator and former Denver city councilman. “HUD is currently taking bold steps to preserve this affordable housing.”

For a list of the housing authorities splitting the $10.1 million in grant money, and how much each gets, click here.

HUD’s Shaun Donovan added: “This funding is critically important to public housing agencies as they work to provide the best housing possible for their residents. While the funding we announce today will never be enough to meet the tremendous backlog of capital needs, HUD will be working closely with the Congress to expand efforts to generate approximately $6 billion in private investment for the recapitalization of public housing.”