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Editorial: Building better homes and cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, MN)

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune
(7/21/2014 10:08 AM, Editorial)

Habitat for Humanity homes program yields multiple benefits.

Since a stroke left Antonio Botello paralyzed on his left side, it has been tough to keep up with repairs around the East St. Paul home he shares with his wife and children. In Minneapolis, Mohammed Wehelie’s family has moved several times in the past several years, compromising four children’s stability and social and academic well-being.

Things soon will improve for these families. They are among 26 hardworking, lower-income families that will have new or spruced-up places to call home by the end of the week.

Through the annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project, this week 12 homes in Minneapolis and 14 homes in St. Paul will be built, renovated or repaired. The Twin Cities is one of four U.S. hosts of the project this year, and the Carters will be here later this week to lend a hand.

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