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$1.5 million to help renovate Pullman [IL] homes (Illinois Daily Herald)

Illinois Daily Herald
(8/6/2014 6:11 AM, Associated Press)

Efforts to preserve and renovate historic homes on Chicago’s South Side are getting $1.5 million from the Illinois attorney general. State Attorney General Lisa Madigan made the announcement Tuesday in the city’s Pullman neighborhood. Her office says the money comes from a national settlement after the foreclosure crisis with the country’s five largest bank mortgage servicers. Officials say the money will let the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives acquire and rehabilitate 20 single-family homes and turn 15 buildings into new rentals. Separately, the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives has spent $5 million in the Pullman neighborhood to renovate 38 historic homes. Industrialist George Pullman founded the area in 1880. The neighborhood also was the birthplace of the African-American labor movement.

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