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Cityscape: Volume 20 Number 3


Youth Homelessness

Volume 20, Number 3

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

Youth Homelessness

Guest Editor's Introduction
Matthew H. Morton

Homelessness and Housing Experiences among LGBTQ Young Adults in Seven U.S. Cities
Jama Shelton, Jonah DeChants, Kim Bender, Hsun-Ta Hsu, Diane Santa Maria, Robin Petering, Kristin Ferguson, Sarah Narendorf, and Anamika Barman-Adhikari

“Nothing is for free...”: Youth Logics of Engaging Resources While Unstably Housed
Gina M. Samuels, Christine Cerven, Susanna R. Curry, and Shantá R. Robinson

Linking the TAY-VI-SPDAT Tool to Housing Placements and Outcomes for Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Eric Rice, Monique Holguin, Hsun-Ta Hsu, Matthew Morton, Phebe Vayanos, Milind Tambe, and Hau Chan

What’s Next? A Grounded Theory of the Relationship Between Ontological Security, Mental Health, Social Relationships, and Identity Formation for Young Adults in Supportive Housing
Benjamin F. Henwood, Brian Redline, Sara Semborski, Harmony Rhoades, Eric Rice, and Suzanne L. Wenzel

Predictors of Running Away from Out-of-Home Care: Does County Context Matter?
Amy Dworsky, Fred Wulczyn, and Lilian Huang

Developing a Coordinated Youth Housing Stability Program for Juvenile Courts
Sarah Cusworth Walker, Esteban Valencia, Asia Bishop, Michael Irons, and Arina Gertseva

Reflections from Canada: Can Research Contribute to Better Responses to Youth Homelessness?
Stephen Gaetz

International Commentary: Some Reflections on the Policy History of Youth Homelessness in Australia
David MacKenzie

Refereed Papers

From Foreclosure to Eviction: Housing Insecurity in Corporate-Owned Single-Family Rentals
Elora Lee Raymond, Richard Duckworth, Benjamin Miller, Michael Lucas, and Shiraj Pokharel

School Performance of Schools Assigned to HUD-Assisted Households
Brent Mast


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