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Evidence Matters: Fall 2013


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy
Fall 2013

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Evidence Matters Fall 2013

This edition of Evidence Matters hits close to home for many families as they or their relatives age and consider their evolving needs. The feature article, “Aging in Place: Facilitating Choice and Independence,” reviews the trends underpinning the issue and looks at the federal, state, and local programs and policies for the elderly that are accommodating a shift away from institutional living and toward aging in place with supports. The Research Spotlight article, “Measuring the Costs and Savings of Aging in Place,” examines efforts to measure the potential health cost savings (as well as improvements in well-being) to families and the government when individuals are able to age in their homes with assistance, reinforcing the argument that housing matters. Finally, grassroots efforts to aid the elderly in their communities and provide practical solutions for the supportive services necessary to age in place are examined in the In Practice article, “Community-Centered Solutions for Aging at Home.”

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