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Evidence Matters: Summer/Fall 2015


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy
Summer/Fall 2015


Evidence Matters Summer/Fall 2015

This issue of Evidence Matters discusses regional planning and how communities can collaborate successfully on important and connected challenges, especially those related to housing, transportation, and sustainability. The lead article, “Partnerships and Planning for Impact,” presents an overview of the key concepts underpinning regional planning and of recent efforts to use regional planning to bolster economic and environmental resilience. The Research Spotlight piece, “Strategies for Regional Collaboration,” examines challenges and opportunities for implementing and evaluating regional partnerships. Finally, the In Practice article, “Moving Toward a Sustainable Future: Three Models of Regional Planning,” looks at how three regions — Northeast Ohio, Western North Carolina, and Puget Sound in Washington — have worked to address issues that exceed the reach of individual jurisdictions.

In this Issue: