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Evidence Matters: Spring 2013


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy
Spring 2013

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Evidence Matters Spring 2013

Each of the articles in this issue of Evidence Matters touch on a different aspect of the work being done by policymakers, practitioners, and academics to create and understand mixed-income developments and communities. The lead article, "Confronting Concentrated Poverty With a Mixed-Income Strategy," summarizes the evolution of mixed-income strategies by HUD, local governments, and developers as well as the growing importance of these efforts in an era of increasing income stratification. In "Mixed-Income Community Dynamics: Five Insights From Ethnography," Cornell professor Laura Tach explains the important contributions ethnographic research has made toward understanding the community norms and policies that affect the lives of residents in mixed-income developments. "Inclusionary Zoning and Mixed-Income Communities" examines the inclusionary zoning strategies that New York City and Chicago have used to promote mixed-income communities.

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