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Evidence Matters: Intersectionality of Youth Homelessness


Spring 2022

Editor's Note

This issue of Evidence Matters discusses the intersectional aspects of youth homelessness. In this issue, you will learn about the prevalence of youth homelessness in the United States and its impact on youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and the range of other ways people choose to identify (LGBTQ+) and black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

The lead article, "Youth Homelessness: The Sum of Our Parts," reviews youth homelessness in the United States, including a definition of youth homelessness, its prevalence and demographics, its causes and consequences, and its intersectional nature. The article also discusses policies aimed at preventing and alleviating youth homelessness.

The Research Spotlight article, "Current Findings from the Round One Evaluation of the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program," summarizes recent HUD-sponsored research in youth homelessness and previews forthcoming research on the topic.

The In Practice article, "Programs Addressing Youth Homelessness," highlights several organizations across the United States that are addressing youth homelessness in their communities. This article offers insight into program operations, types of services provided, and the outcomes of participants in these programs.

We hope that the articles in this issue of Evidence Matters will offer readers greater insight into the intersectionality of youth homelessness in the United States. We welcome feedback at