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Housing Charlotte: A Framework for Building and Expanding Access to Opportunity through Housing Investments
Charlotte , North Carolina    
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City of Charlotte
This planning document sets out strategies for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, to increase rental and homeownership options for low-income households, to preserve and improve affordable rental housing, and to support family self-sufficiency through mixed-income housing with access to jobs, high-quality schools, and other opportunities. In addition to proposing new and expanded financing mechanisms and emphasizing the importance of public, private, and philanthropic collaboration, the plan addresses regulatory impediments and incentives for meeting the demand for affordable housing in Charlotte.

The plan calls for a tax relief program and other, nonmonetary incentives to support affordable developments using low-income housing tax credits. To promote new mixed-income developments, the plan's strategies include revised density bonus regulations, rezoning incentives, and expedited review and permitting. The plan promotes a tax relief program to preserve large-scale, naturally occurring affordable housing and a requirement to replace each unit of low-income housing lost during redevelopment.

In addition, the plan calls for support of family self-sufficiency. The strategies to achieve this objective include standards and processes to help property owners develop accessory dwelling units as well as tax relief for property owners who are vulnerable to displacement pressures. The strategies also include continued support of workforce development and other services that improve family self-sufficiency and economic mobility.

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