Accession Number: 12543
Title: Impacts of Urban Redevelopment in Central City Neighborhoods
Author(s): Goodman, Michael
Monti, Daniel
Publication Date: 07/1997
Sponsoring Organization(s): U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, DC
Performing Organization(s): National Center for the Revitalization of Central Cities
New Orleans, LA
Availability: National Center for the Revitalization of Central Cities, College of Urban and Public Affairs, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148; phone (504) 280-6519; fax (504) 280-6272;
Descriptors: Inner cities. Redevelopment. Neighborhood revitalization. Case studies. Neighborhood racial indicators.
Abstract: The prospect of redeveloping inner-city neighborhoods in a way that brings different classes or races together may be ineffective because higher income often white households are likely to displace lower income often minority households. This paper evaluates the impact of a variety of redevelopment strategies on the racial and demographic histories of six large U.S. cities. Specific strategies are characterized as active involving public agencies as the primary source of initiatives, supportive involving primarily private sector (profit and not-for-profit) initiatives, and collaborative initiatives. The authors measure the impact by tracking social and demographic change over time (1950-1990) in neighborhoods within which redevelopment activities were targeted including population, racial composition, age composition, educational attainment, family income, occupational composition, and housing characteristics. Experiences are compared to adjacent neighborhoods. [AUTHOR ABSTRACT]