Accession Number: 50222
Title: Summary Report of the Evaluation of Section 8 Existing and New Construction Programs.
Author(s): Dietz, Stephen
Learmonth, Robert
Meehan, Maureen
O'Brien, Kathleen
Shea, Michael
Publication Date: 10/1977
Sponsoring Organization(s): U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, DC
Performing Organization(s): Building Technology, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co.
Washington, DC
Real Estate Research Corp.
Washington, DC
Westat, Inc.
Rockville, MD
Availability: HUD USER, P.O. Box 23268, Washington, DC 20026-3268; phone (800) 245-2691; fax (202) 708-9981; or TDD (800) 927-7589
Descriptors: Sec 8 Existing Housing Prg. Sec 8 New Construction Prg. Program evaluation. Public housing agencies. Landlords. Administrative costs. Housing. quality. Housing standards. Inspection requirements. Fair market rents.
Abstract: The evaluation of the Section 8 Existing Housing Program, available in a series of eight reports, is summarized in this volume. The program provides a new approach to assisting lower income families to obtain decent, safe, and sanitary housing. Rather than providing construction subsidies or traditional public housing projects that concentrate lower income and otherwise disadvantaged families in specific projects, the Section 8 program is designed to provide greater diversity of choice and dispersal of low income families throughout local communities. This is done by means of a direct subsidy for housing to low income tenants to occupy private rental units of their choice as long as the units meet certain code standards and rent criteria, and the landlord agrees to certain lease provisions. The Section 8 program evaluation is a broad based research effort that assesses the program's operations and performance from the varied viewpoints of the different components of the process: (1) recipients and nonrecipients, (2) Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and jurisdictional participation, (3) participating and nonparticipating landlords, (4) PHA and State housing agency administrative functions and fees, (5) housing quality standards and inspections, (6) fair market rents in the Existing Program, and (7) the New Construction Program. This summary discusses and synthesizes the findings, conclusions, and recommendations which are more fully developed in the individual topical reports on the Existing Housing and New Construction Programs. Inconsistencies are acknowledged and analyzed. Summaries of each topical report, and an executive summary of the findings and conclusions are included. Tabular data and appendices support the text.