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This Way to a Better Home: A Training Manual Designed for Use with Residents Moving into New or Renovated Apartments or Homes


Authors: Baltimore Urban League    

Report Acceptance Date: November 1972 (98 pages)

Posted Date: March 23, 2020

This historic pamphlet, produced by the consumer services division of the Baltimore Urban League with the support of the Soap and Detergent Association, is a guidebook for individuals and families who are moving to a new home. Originally intended for households moving into public housing, the manual provides instruction in four key areas: readying the household for a move; determining what facilities are available and what rules must be followed in the new home; making the new home attractive on a small budget and; maintaining the home. This publication was distributed nationally through housing authorities and urban leagues.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

Publication Categories: Historical     Public Housing     Other    


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