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HUD USER publishes a series of case studies based on federal, state and local strategies that increase affordable housing opportunities, apply sustainable features and practices, and increase access to public transportation. The projects featured in these reports have demonstrated innovation through a multitude of partnerships and initiatives. Each report outlines a project’s objectives and the development strategies used to achieve them.


Latest Case Study

Greenville, Mississippi: Reserves at Gray Park Adds Affordable, Energy-Efficient Housing on Underutilized City Land

Over the past three decades, Greenville, Mississippi, has struggled with significant population loss, an aging housing stock, and persistently high levels of poverty. The number of people living in this Mississippi Delta city has fallen by approximately one-third since 1990, the poverty rate in 2021 was 32.4 percent compared with 19.4 percent for the state as a whole, and the average home is 56 years old.
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