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Webinar: Introducing the 2015 American Housing Survey

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Webinar: Introducing the 2015 American Housing Survey

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 11:00 AM EST

The 2015 American Housing Survey data is now available and we’re excited to talk about it!

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) invites you to join us for a web presentation to learn what’s in the 2015 American Housing Survey data, the basics of the 2015 survey sample design, and how you can put this unique and important information to use for your organization, customers, or business. Attendees will also receive a preview of the 2017 American Housing Survey.

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With the January release of the summary tables, as well as the March release of the National and Metropolitan Public Use File (PUF) microdata, the 2015 American Housing Survey is now fully available for the public to view and extract data on a broad range of topics for the nation and 25 metro areas across the country.

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Funded and overseen by HUD and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau (Census), the American Housing Survey (AHS) is the most comprehensive housing survey in the U.S. The survey provides vital data on numerous housing-related topics that are highly relevant to American communities, such as housing quality, improvements, costs, value, migration, demographics, and neighborhoods. The AHS data also include topical information unique to each survey, such as health and safety hazards in homes, food security, housing counseling use, and arts and culture.

At the conclusion of the webinar, you will:
  • Know why the American Housing Survey is conducted
  • Understand the survey and the data collection methodology
  • Become familiar with some key data points and the topical modules
  • Have more information on how the data can be used
  • Know about available data products
  • Receive a preview of the 2017 AHS
  • Know where to go for additional information and how to access technical assistance.

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