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American Housing Survey Interactive Codebook and Table Creator Updates

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American Housing Survey Interactive Codebook and Table Creator Updates


HUD and Census continues to make improvements to the 2015 American Housing Survey results to make the data easier for all types of AHS users. Here are the latest updates to the AHS's Codebook and Table Creator as of April 27, 2017.

1. AHS Interactive Codebook
HUD and Census made numerous minor corrections to the AHS Interactive Codebook. We are not providing a public tracking document of changes because most changes are minor corrections. We will alert the AHS user community when we make major updates to the AHS Interactive Codebook.

2. AHS Table Creator April 27th Release Updates
HUD and Census implemented several updates to the AHS Table Creator on April 27, 2017.

    Revised Estimates Due to Revised Weighting
    2015 AHS estimates were revised due to adjustments to the age variable, which required new weights to be calculated. As a result, all estimates have changed slightly from the previous release, with stubs using the age variable experiencing the largest changes. Table Creator estimates for the 2015 AHS are now in line with the 2015 AHS PUF V1.0.

    New "HUD-Assisted Units" Column Variable
    The 2015 AHS data can now be cross-tabulated by whether the housing unit received HUD assistance. The determination is based on a match between the 2015 AHS and HUD administrative records.

    Expansion of Asian and Pacific Islander Groups
    The "Race and Hispanic Origin" stub of the Household Demographics table has been expanded to include new detail on specific Asian and Pacific Islander groups.

    New Veteran Status Categories
    Categories in the "Veteran Status" stub of the Household Demographics table have added more detail, differentiating between households with one person who served in the military and households with two or more persons who served in the military.

    Number of Regular Mortgages Deleted
    The "Number of Regular Mortgages" stub of the Mortgage Characteristics table has been deleted.

    Median Year Built and Square Footage for Total Vacant Units
    A fix for the error noted in the February 8th Release Notes is still in progress, but to prevent users from using incorrect data, affected cells have temporarily been replaced with '.' (Applies to the cross-tabulation of the "Median year built" and "Median square footage" rows of the Housing Unit Characteristics table and the "Total vacant" column of the Occupancy/Vacancy Status column variable).

    Median Year Formatting
    Rows showing median year are now properly formatted in all tables for all survey years (e.g. Year Structure Built stub –1,986 corrected to 1986)

If you have any questions, please contact the AHS team at 1-800-245-2691 or email