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New AHS Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Resources Available on

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Check out for newly published resources featuring data in the 2017 American Housing Survey (AHS) Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Topical Module. The new resources—including a webinar, infographics, and a short article—provide a snapshot of the 2017 AHS survey results and highlight the important stories the data tell about household preparedness in America, especially in some of the nation's highest-risk areas.

  • The Who's Ready for the Next One webinar, recorded live on February 12, includes highlights of some of the latest AHS national data on household preparedness, along with results for some of America's most disaster-prone states and hardest-hit metropolitan areas. The webinar also features insights from special guest, Christi Collins, operations branch chief for FEMA's Individual and Community Preparedness Division. Play the Who's Ready for the Next One? webinar recording here: (

  • The short article, Measuring Disaster Preparedness with 2017 AHS Data, describes the mixed picture of emergency and disaster preparedness across America that the 2017 AHS data reveal. Read the full short article here: (

  • A series of new Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Module infographics provide an easy-to-understand overview of the national and region-specific 2017 results. See the infographics on here: (

    • 2017 Housing Profile: Disaster Preparedness
    • 2017 Housing Profile: Disaster Preparedness Midwest
    • 2017 Housing Profile: Disaster Preparedness Northeast
    • 2017 Housing Profile: Disaster Preparedness South
    • 2017 Housing Profile: Disaster Preparedness West

The AHS team thanks you for your continued interest in the American Housing Survey. We are excited to help you discover the wealth of information that can be found in the AHS and demonstrate our commitment to making AHS data as easy as possible to access and use.

We want to hear from you. If you have questions or suggestions for other AHS webinars, or if you need our help in exploring AHS data, call us at 1-800-245-2691 or email us at