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Cityscape: Volume 10, Number 1


Policy Issues in Public and Assisted Housing

Volume 10, Number 1

Mark D. Shroder

Policy Issues in Public and Assisted Housing

Guest Editor: Barbara A. Haley

Guest Editor's Introduction

Portability Moves in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, 1998–2005
Carissa G. Climaco, Christopher N. Rodger, Judith D. Feins, and Ken Lam

The Role of Social Networks in Making Housing Choices: The Experience of the Gautreaux Two Residential Mobility Program
Melody L. Boyd

Measuring the Deconcentration of Housing Choice Voucher Program Recipients in Eight U.S. Metropolitan Areas Using Hot Spot Analysis
Xinhao Wang, David Varady, and Yimei Wang

Use of Flat Rents in the Public Housing Program
Meryl Finkel and Ken Lam

Household Life Cycle and Length of Stay in Housing Assistance Programs
Alvaro Cortes, Ken Lam, and David Fein

Are Census Variables Highly Correlated With Housing Choice Voucher Holders’ Perception of the Quality of Their Neighborhoods?
Larry Buron and Satyendra Patrabansh

Refereed Papers

Housing in the Nation's Micropolitan Areas: A First Look
Robert E. Lang and Karen A. Danielsen


Policy Briefs

Using American Community Survey Data in HUD's Income Limits and Fair Market Rents
Kurt Usowski, Lynn Rodgers, Marie Lihn, and Peter Kahn

Data Shop

HUD-Assisted Housing 101: Using “A Picture of Subsidized Households: 2000”
Lydia B. Taghavi


Ten Years of Smart Growth
Regina C. Gray

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