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Cityscape - Volume 16 Number 1


Housing, Contexts, and the Well-Being of Children and Youth

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga


Housing, Contexts, and the Well-Being of Children and Youth

Guest Editor's Introduction
Elizabeth Rudd and Molly Irwin

Residential Mobility Among Children: A Framework for Child and Family Policy
Sara Anderson, Tama Leventhal, Sandra Newman, and Veronique Dupéré

Profiles of Housing and Neighborhood Contexts Among Low-Income Families: Links With Children’s Well-Being
Rebekah Levine Coley, Melissa Kull, Tama Leventhal and Alicia Doyle Lynch

Getting to Better Performing Schools: The Role of Residential Mobility in School Attainment in Low-Income Neighborhoods
Brett Theodos, Claudia Coulton and Amos Budde

Coercive Sexual Environments: What MTO Tells Us About Neighborhoods and Sexual Safety
Robin Smith, Megan Gallagher, Susan Popkin, Amanda Mireles and Taz George

Promoting Resilience for Children Who Experience Family Homelessness: Opportunities To Encourage Developmental Competence
J.J. Cutuli and Janette E. Herbers

Healthy Start in Housing: A Case Study of a Public Health and Housing Partnership To Improve Birth Outcomes
Emily Feinberg, Bricia Trejo, Brianna Sullivan and Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar Suarez

Moving Beyond Neighborhood: Activity Spaces and Ecological Networks As Contexts for Youth Development
Christopher R. Browning and Brian Soller

Putting Children and Adolescents at the Center of Housing Policy: A Latin American Perspective
Sandra Garcia Jaramillo

Housing, Contexts, and the Well-Being of Children and Youth: A European Perspective
Roger Andersson

Point of Contention: The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

The Efficiency and Equity of the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
John C. Weicher

Congress Should Phase Out the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Eric Toder

Eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction or Tax Imputed Rent? Leveling the Real-Estate Playing Field
Jan K. Brueckner

Misinformed and Misled About the Benefits of the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Dennis J. Ventry, Jr.

Refereed Papers

Information Externalities and Residential Mortgage Lending in the Hardest Hit Housing Market: The Case of Detroit
Lei Ding

Comparing Subsidies, Loans, and Standards for Improving Home Energy Efficiency
Margaret Walls

Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks
Nikhil Kaza, Roberto G. Quercia and Chao Yue Tian


Data Shop: Measuring Housing Affordability
Paul Joice

Graphic Detail: The Outlines and Extents of Segregation
Ron Wilson

Industrial Revolution: Waste Management at the Residential Construction Site
Joseph Laquatra and Mark Pierce

Policy Briefs: Recovery Ratios in the Savings and Loan Crisis: Evidence From the Resolution Trust Corporation’s Sale of Bank-Owned Real Estate
Daniel Bergstresser and Richard Peiser

SpAM: Measuring Spatial Mismatch Between Homelessness and Homeless Resources With a Theil Index and Statistical Inference
Brent D. Mast

Using Location Quotients To Test for Negative Secondary Effects of Sexually Oriented Businesses
Eric S. McCord



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