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Referees 2014–15


The goal of Cityscape is to bring high-quality original research on housing and community development issues to scholars, government officials, and practitioners. Cityscape is open to all relevant disciplines, including architecture, consumer research, demography, economics, engineering, ethnography, finance, geography, law, planning, political science, public policy, regional science, sociology, statistics, and urban studies.

Cityscape is published three times a year by the Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Affordable, Accessible, Efficient Communities

Volume 17, Number 2

Mark D. Shroder

Michelle P. Matuga

Referees 2014–15

The Office of Policy Development and Research gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following referees and their assistance in making Cityscape worth reading.

Xudong An
Melissa Barnett
Eugenie Birch
Leah Brooks
Devin Bunten
Nicholas Castle
Marsha Courchane
Dennis Culhane
JJ Cutuli
Rebecca Disbrow
Theresa DiVenti
Amy Dworsky
Efrat Eizenberg
Emre Ergungor
Elizabeth Fussell
Martha Galvez
Jeff Hou
Keith Ihlanfeldt
Daniel Immergluck
Mark Joseph
Ronald Kessler
Jill Khadduri
Zhenguo Lin
Jens Ludwig
Alan Mallach
Kirk McClure
Marla Nelson
Kathe Newman
Saty Patrabansh
Rhiannon Patterson
Rolf Pendall
Deirdre Pfeiffer
Karen Beck Pooley
Roberto Quercia
Bill Reeder
Lisa Sanbonmatsu
Joel Thibert
Vincent Yao
Peter Zorn


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