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Evidence Matters

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Spring 2016

Message from the Assistant Secretary

This edition of Evidence Matters considers challenges and strategies related to housing finance and homeownership. It discusses barriers to buying a home, such as tightened access to mortgage credit, as well as the growing number of older homeowners with mortgage debt. This edition also considers the importance of high-quality, independent homeownership education and counseling. These issues are critical as HUD works to promote and expand sustainable homeownership.

The Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) is deeply involved in HUD’s work related to housing finance and homeownership. PD&R publishes regular analyses of national, regional, state, metropolitan, and local housing markets as well as the National Housing Scorecard, which is produced in partnership with the Department of the Treasury. Staff in our office monitor and analyze current trends in the health of the housing and mortgage markets such as foreclosures, home values, and credit terms, informing decisions throughout HUD.



In This Issue

Pressing Challenges in Housing Finance: Credit Access and Seniors’ Mortgage Debt

The Evidence on Homeownership Education and Counseling

Increasing Access to Sustainable Mortgages for Low-Income Borrowers

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Chase Sackett (HUD) and Sage Computing staff

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