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Evidence Matters: Climate and Housing


Summer 2022

Editor’s Note

This issue of Evidence Matters covers housing and climate change. In this issue, you will learn about the relationship between climate and housing and the ways we can adapt housing to be more sustainable and resilient to the changing environment.

The lead article, “The Role of Housing in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation,” discusses the relationship between housing and climate change, including the impact of housing on the environment and HUD’s role in climate mitigation and adaptation.

The Research Spotlight article, “Opportunities to Reduce Climate Risks Through Land Use Regulations,” examines land use regulations and zoning requirements and their effects on the environment and climate mitigation policies. Common zoning practices such as setback and parking requirements can negatively affect the environment.

The In Practice article, “Resiliency at Work,” highlights a number of climate change initiatives across the United States in response to natural disasters. These efforts include rebuilding projects in Paradise, California; green infrastructure building in New Orleans; and work done in Norfolk, Virginia, to increase environmental justice and resiliency to climate change.

We hope that this issue of Evidence Matters will offer readers an informed and comprehensive review of the relationship between climate and housing. We welcome feedback at