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DCA Roles In Local Government Financial Management - Ten State Profiles


Report Acceptance Date: December 1978 (40 pages)

Posted Date: February 07, 2012

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In recent years, a number of highly publicized events has focused national attention on the need for local government financial management improvements. The fiscal plight of New York City was perhaps the most closely watched local government financial event during the 1970·s. However the financial problems in New York City are unique only in terms of their magnitude. The substance of many of these problems is shared by local jurisdictions,of all sizes , across the country.

The latest event, having national repercussions, was the overwhelming approval of the Jarvis-Gann amendment(Proposition13)by California voters.Its after math has been referred to as "Proposition 13 Fever"in which tax payers everywhere are organizing efforts to stem the tide of increasing tax rates.Local governments will be the first to feel the effects of the unwillingness of citizens to pay more each year in taxes. Resulting from Proposition 13 and the New York City situation is the need to more effectively manage and utilize existing revenues rather than seek new ways to generate additional dollars from the same tax bases.


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