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Section 8 Mobility and Neighborhood Health


Posted Date: October 10, 1999

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This report on Section 8 presents the state of current knowledge and debate on the issue of mobility and neighborhood health based on both the existing research and discussion at the October 26, 1999, symposium on the issues of Section 8 mobility and Neighborhood Health. It groups challenges that confront today's Section 8 program into three broad categories:

1. Concerns about the impact of Section 8 on neighborhoods. 
2. Possible causes of geographic clustering among Section 8 recipients. 
3. Special issues posed by the relocation of public housing residents.

For each category, the report presents competing claims about how and why Section 8 might be affecting the well-being of neighborhoods, summarizes research evidence to assess these claims, and discusses a range of possible policy responses from minor programmatic adjustments to more radical reform. Each section also offers an agenda of priority research needed to further inform the policy debate on Section 8 mobility and neighborhood health. The report concludes with a summary of both programmatic options and overall research priorities.


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