Posted Date: June 28, 2013
Banner Image of Sustainable Construction in Indian Country (SCinIC) initiative

The FY2012 Sustainable Construction in Indian Country Small Grant Awardee Summary is Now Available

Enterprise Community Partners (awarded $100,000)
Will develop a web-based development guide, focused on the needs of tribal leadership and housing providers, to help integrate sustainable housing development and to build development capacity in tribal communities across the country.

Sault Tribe Housing Authority (awarded $100,000)
Will develop a “Green Development Code” manual, written as an easy to understand form-based building code format; and will prepare an educational guide and brochures that can be downloaded or distributed to other regional tribes to encourage them to either adopt as is or modify the codes and create their own “Green Development Code.”

The Regents of the University of Colorado (awarded $100,000)
Will review and synthesize existing tribal, academic, and industry knowledge on compressed earth block (CEB) fabrication and construction; document short- and long- term impact of CEB sustainable construction from Crow Tribe of Montana case study; identify lessons learned, limitations and critical success factors for CEB construction in Indian Country; and create best practices manual of CEB construction in Indian Country for broad dissemination among Tribes, donors, and other federal and industry partners.

Aleutian Housing Authority (awarded $100,000)
Will demonstrate the viability of an innovative, highly sustainable, affordable housing construction technique — contemporary Stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) — through videography of construction techniques, performance monitoring and testing, and the production and dissemination of education and training materials.

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