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Reforming the Eviction System During and After the Pandemic

The severe economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant that many people suddenly found themselves with reduced or no income because of job loss or sickness.



Increasing Housing Options for Homeless Populations Through a Shared Housing Approach

Inadequate supply presents a challenge to people transitioning from homelessness to permanent, stable housing.

Rental Burdens: Rethinking Affordability Measures

How much of your income should you set aside for rent? With the cost of housing on the rise, researchers are reexamining the 30-percent rule of thumb for measuring rental burden.

Changing the Built Environment to Combat Violent Crime

Between 2019 and 2020, firearm homicide rates increased by 35 percent, reaching their highest rate in more than 25 years.

Defining Housing Affordability

Housing programs in the United States have long measured housing affordability in terms of percentage of income.

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