The Advisory Board of Cityscape

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia
Brandeis University


Ira Goldstein

Ira Goldstein, Ph.D.
The Reinvestment Fund


Richard K. Green

Richard K. Green
University of Southern California


Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph
Case Western Reserve University

Matthew E. Kahn

Matthew E. Kahn
University of California, Los Angeles


C. Theodore Koebel

C. Theodore Koebel, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech


Jens Ludwig

Jens Ludwig
University of Chicago


Mary Pattillo

Mary Pattillo
Northwestern University


Carolina Reid

Carolina Reid
University of California


Patrick Sharkey

Patrick Sharkey
New York University


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Affordable, Accessible, Efficient Communities
Volume 17, Number 2, 2015

Guest Editor's Introduction

Affordable Housing and Walkable Neighborhoods: A National Urban Analysis

Driving to Opportunities: Voucher Users, Cars, and Movement to Sustainable Neighborhoods

Transportation Access, Residential Location, and Economic Opportunity: Evidence From Two Housing Voucher Experiments

How Can the LIHTC Program Most Effectively Be Used To Provide Affordable Rental Housing Near Transit?

Advancing Social Equity as an Integral Dimension of Sustainability in Local Communities

Adoption of High-Performance Housing Technologies Among U.S. Homebuilding Firms, 2000 Through 2010

Coming Full Circle: The Innovation of HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative

Refereed Papers

Will My Neighbors Rebuild? Rebuilding Outcomes and Remaining Damage Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Looking Through the Lens of Size: Land Use Regulations and Micro-Apartments in San Francisco

Foreclosed Property Investors in a Strong Housing Market City: A Case Study of Boston

A Research Note: Long-Term Cost Effectiveness of Placing Homeless Seniors in Permanent Supportive Housing

Investing in Distressed Communities: Outcomes From the Neighborhood Stabilization Program

blue line


Data Shop: Gauging Confidence in the U.S. Housing Market

Industrial Revolution: Rainscreens: An Established Technique for Advanced Wall Construction

Impact: Proposed Rule on Section 3

Evaluation Tradecraft: Improving Program Evaluation: Using Direct Time Measurement for Estimating Administrative Costs

Referees 2014–15