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Appendix A

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March 31, 2005

Documents available from HUD USER.

Title Price
Many Faces of Enterprise Zones: Some Transatlantic Comparisons $5.00
Tax Incentives Targeted to Distressed Areas $48.00
Urban Enterprise Zones: Inner City Panacea or Supply-Side Showpiece? $10.00
Potential Legal Pitfalls Facing State and Local Enterprise Zones $10.00
Impact of Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives on Selected Small Businesses $10.00
Small Business Participation in the Economic Development of Depressed Urban Sites $20.00
The Entrepreneurial Spirit $5.00
The States Forge Ahead With Enterprise Zones: Program Maturation and Administrative Adjustment $5.00
State Enterprise Zone Programs: Variations in Structure and Coverage $10.00
State Designated Enterprise Zones: Ten Case Studies $20.00
Business Impacts of Enterprise Zones $15.00
Progress Report on Maryland's Enterprise Zones $5.00
Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives: Their Value to Firms and Their Cost to the Federal Government $10.00
Federal Tax Incentives for Enterprise Zones: Analysis of Economic Effects and Rationales $5.00
Enterprise Zones in States With Competitive Programs—Performance and Effectiveness: A Survey of 22 State Enterprise Zone Coordinators $5.00
Summary and Analysis of State Enterprise Zone Legislation $10.00
The San Jose Enterprise Zone Program $15.00
The Syracuse Economic Development Zone Analysis and Recommendations for Evaluation $15.00
Directory of Information Resources in Housing and Urban Development $26.00

The Directory of Information Resources in Housing and Urban Development is your key to information sharing.
A valuable resource tool for State and local government officials and economic development professionals, the Directory is a reference guide to 114 organizations and information centers-from the American Economic Development Council to the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Each entry describes the purpose of the organization and its information services, and provides an address and telephone number to contact for more information. A special feature of this resource guide is the inclusion of 37 online data bases. Each entry describes the scope of the file and lists the number of records, update frequency, sources of data, and related user aids. Among the resource groups listed are professional associations, trade organizations, advocacy groups, and research institutes. All organizations listed offer information services.

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P.O. Box 23268
Washington, D.C. 20026-3268
Phone: 1-800-245-2691
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