Advancing Equity in the Home Valuation Process

Additional Resources

Evidence Matters – Evictions: Published in September 2021, this issue of Evidence Matters examines the nation’s evictions crisis. The lead article, “Affordable Housing, Eviction, and Health,” discusses the causes and consequences of eviction, the effects of racial disparities in eviction rates, and eviction’s impact on tenants’ physical and mental health, highlighting the countereviction measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Research Spotlight article, “Prevalence and Impact of Evictions,” examines the prevalence of formal, informal, and illegal evictions in the United States and the metrics used to calculate evictions. The article discusses the need for a national database but notes the challenges associated with such an endeavor, including limitations in data availability and comparability. The In Practice article, “Eviction Prevention Initiatives,” highlights several state and city eviction prevention programs and initiatives across the nation. The article details how these programs work, the extent of the services provided, and the efficacy of these programs in providing housing stability both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Report to Congress on the Feasibility of Creating a National Evictions Database: As directed by the Joint Explanatory Statement and the House Committee Report supporting the 2021 Appropriations Act, PD&R wrote this report to study the feasibility of creating an evictions database. The report provides background on the need for an eviction database; a discussion of lessons learned to date from efforts to collect data on formal court-ordered evictions, extra-legal evictions, and administrative evictions; and a set of potential approaches for how HUD could move forward to build a national dataset on evictions, assuming additional federal funding and action from Congress.

Benefits of Eviction Diversion Programs: This Edge article discusses different eviction division programs, including Colorado’s statewide COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project and California’s Shriver Housing Pilot Project.

Tracking the Impact of the CDC Eviction Moratorium: This Edge article looks at the impact of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium that was issued in September 2020.

HUD Rental Assistance: Visit HUD’s Rental Assistance page to find information on housing resources, rental help in your state, and tenant rights.