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Increasingly, housing policy is being shaped at the state and local levels with the participation of private and philanthropic entities. These actors are looking for a trusted source of evidence-based insights to inform their decisions. Policy & Practice will provide these insights, drawn from the experiences of policymakers across the country, to aid in the development of state and local policy. The publication is geared at both practitioners and other private-sector partners, such as property owners, developers, and philanthropic partners. Each issue will feature a single policy area or topic. By highlighting the ways that state and local leaders are solving local housing and community development challenges, Policy & Practice advances HUD’s mission and priorities to promote affordable housing and strong communities.

Current Issue: Pro-Housing Land Use and Zoning Reforms (April 2023)

Communities across the country are struggling to build enough housing to meet the demand, contributing to a shortfall of more than 1.5 million units nationwide. As a result of this housing shortage, families pay more for housing and have less in savings. They struggle to attain homeownership and find it difficult to access jobs. Local land use regulations and zoning rules contribute to the national housing supply crisis by artificially limiting housing construction and increasing costs. This Policy & Practice brief summarizes the impacts of restrictive land use policies and highlights reforms that state and local governments can adopt to increase the supply of housing. Read More >>