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The Impacts of Supportive Housing on Neighborhoods and Neighbors

Report Acceptance Date: 
April 2000 (226 pages)
Posted Date:   
May 30, 2000

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has conducted an analysis of the impacts of supportive housing programs on neighborhood property values and crime rates.

"Supportive housing programs" are programs that are designed to provide supportive services in conjunction with some form of housing assistance—be it small group homes, larger institutions, or apartment-based living. In commissioning this study, HUD was responding to a number of concerns that have been raised in various communities about possible negative effects of supportive housing programs. This study was designed to take an objective look at the issues that arise around supportive housing programs and to examine whether supportive housing sites do have the negative impacts that their critics contend. For the purpose of this report, supportive housing sites in Denver, Colorado have been observed.


Part I
Part II (Annex A-G)