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Cityscape: Volume 25 Number 2 | Double Issue | Referees 2022-2023


Double Issue: Reentry Housing After Jail or Prison | Recent Reforms in Zoning

Volume 25 Number 2

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

Referees 2022–23

The Office of Policy Development and Research gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following referees and their assistance in making Cityscape worth reading.

Jill Breysse
Jan Brueckner
Ann Carpenter
Nina Castells
Mark Coggeshall
Alexandra Curley
Prentiss Dantzler
Casey Dawkins
Lan Deng
Margaret Dewar
Judy Geyer
Colin Gordon

Jason Hackworth
Justin Hollander
David Huffer
Stephanie Ivey
Ryun Jung Lee
Jenny Liu
Feng Liu
Kirk McClure
Jennifer Molinsky
Victoria Morckel
Dan O’Flaherty
Rolf Pendall

Sue Popkin
Chris Prener
Amanda Reddy
Jason Rivera
Kimberly Skobba
Scott Susin
Sarah Szanton
Donald Vandegrift
Jennifer Vey
Cheryl Young


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