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PD&R Guidelines and Brochures


PD&R Guidelines Documents
PD&R Guidelines Documents

PD&R Style Guide: Preparing a Report for Publication

This guide was prepared in response to numerous inquiries received by PD&R's Research Utilization Division (RUD) from HUD staff and contractors about how to prepare reports for publication and about publication standards and guidelines. Compiled in a single volume that can be readily shared with others, the guide addresses a variety of topics designed to answer frequently asked questions. It goes through a typical report section by section, providing explanations, tips, and guidance on formatting and style. It provides suggestions for making publications ready for timely Web posting and offers helpful hints for those asked to prepare material based on research findings.

Guidelines for Delivery of Electronic Files

The Guidelines for Delivery of Electronic Files, in pdf (*.pdf, 26 KB) format, are to ensure that electronic media are readable by the users. The intended recipient must approve any exceptions in advance. Additional specifications or exceptions may be required in individual projects and will be included in the statement of work for the project. These guidelines apply to both data files from data gathering, analysis or presentations projects (which may use statistical, database, or geographic information applications) as well as smaller, written projects (which may use word processing, page layout, spreadsheet, internet based, or presentation applications).


PD&R Brochures

Office of Policy Development and Research

The brochure provides an overview of PD&R's offices and core functions.

HUD User Brochure

For more information about HUD User programs and activities, please download the HUD User brochure.

Guide to Using Datasets

HUD USER provides interested researchers with access to the original datasets generated by PD&R-sponsored data collection efforts. A dataset reference guide is available here. The Guide to HUD User Datasets, in pdf format (updated Fall 2015), provides information on each of the datasets posted on this site. It is intended to help you identify PD&R datasets that can be used as a basis for your research or analysis.